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Motorized Linear XY plus Rotary Positioning Stages

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  Range of Travel (mm) Pitch of Lead Screw

Structure Description

Linear Travel
15 1 mm per turn
30 1 mm per turn
50 1 mm per turn
75 1 mm per turn
longer than 100 4 mm per turn
Rotary Travel 360 Degrees Continuous
Travel Guide High Precision Crossed Roller
X and Y Motor Axes

Typical Phase Resistance 3.8 Ohms, Bi-directional
Typical Phase Current 1 Amp
DB-9 Male Connector
Pin Assignment and Description
1 +5 VDC for the Limit Sensors
2 CW Limit Switch, Open Collector, Normally Open, Needs Pull up Resistor (1000 Ohms)
3 CCW Limit Switch, Open Collector, Normally Open, Needs Pull up Resistor (1000 Ohms)
4 Return for+5 VDC
5 Not Connected
6 Stepper Motor Phase A+
7 Stepper Motor Phase A-
8 Stepper Motor Phase B+
9 Stepper Motor Phase B-
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment Black Anodized


Resolution Configuration Dependent
Maximum Linear Speed 5 mm / sec
Maximum Rotational  Speed 12 degrees / sec
Typical Accuracy Repeatability +/- 1 microns
Positional Accuracy 10 microns

Accessories Description

Optional Optical Encoders
Optional Servo Motors
Other Sizes and Strokes Available

Ordering Information
Part No. Description Amount
XYR-xxxx-yyyy-rrr-vv XY Motion plus Rotary Stage

xxxx denotes the stroke of the X-axis in mm.
denotes the stroke of the Y-axis in mm.
rrr donates the rotary stage diameter in mm.
vv denotes the version.

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